Friday, March 23, 2012

Cemetery ghosts

as mentioned in my previous post, the forest hills cemetery has quite a lot of art! not only resting benches, but also these ghosts above. isnt it amazing?! i really thought it was beautiful, and it fitted so well there. not scary at all.... just amazing... :)
i took i dont know how many pictures, and just kept telling tim how great this was (he took quite some pics too!). they are right above a 19th century family plot (but i did not really look at that, as you can imagine). it is called "nightshirts" installed in 2002, by artist leslie wilcox, who lives and works in boston. this is what she herself said about this piece: "to me, this cemetery is a place full of people. i want to celebrate generations of extended families and friends that have shared these hallowed grounds for over 150 years. i choose these particular trees for their slender, life-size girth and random placement near an extended family plot, where several paths cross. it seems as if this group of figures almost flies above the fray, looking down at us as we look up at them."
i think the idea in itself is so simple, but it is sooo original. i really, really like it.... now i wonder how it would look like on a brighter day.. :)