Sunday, November 6, 2011

Battery empty

i have to be very quick since the battery of my laptop is empty. the charger is in the apartment, but i am in the common room/clubhouse with free internet.... :( yup, still no internet and it is really, really frustrating... :(((((((
above an advertisement you see here very often for the dutch beer heineken. you also see it often on  (free) magazines..... someone once told me that for americans this is rather fancy beer, and something special. but i dont know if i should really believe that! anyways, i dont understand it; drops in holland? how do they become pints here in the usa??
this building is a mystery to me as well. its right behind the TD garden. just this one house. it always has a huge advertisement on it (or i guess 2, 1 on either side), but i dont think someone lives there. were there more houses before? what are they going to do with it?
ok, battery really empty...