Monday, April 25, 2011

Great race

we drove past this sign yesterday, on our way to the beach! in fact, i made tim turn the car so i could take a picture of it as we both found it hilarious. "happy spring, thanks for a great race".  it generated an enormous amount of questions.. :) what does spring have to do with the race? who are they thanking? and who are they? and, more importantly, what race? the human race? do we really have to be thankful for that? hmm, i guess i should leave it at that.... an endless musing on the human race might be a bit boring, and perhaps too negative....
defenitely, it will be, at least for a while, another of our quotes... like "surrender, then denny's", or, from sheldon: "Hello, Oompah-Loompahs of science" he actually says that about engineers; "engineering - this is where the semi-skilled workers realize the work of better minds". hmm, i am not an engineer, but i do feel like an oompah-loompah of science on a regular basis.... now is that good or bad? :)