Sunday, May 15, 2011

Real fan

i guess this lady is a real fan of the boston red sox. as seen at the fenway stadium, right after a game... but what about the girls in the stroller? :)
im still one post behind... but as always, too much to do, and too little time... :(

American dream

my sister is visiting us! she has never been in the us of a, so i assume it is quite an experience... i really do think this is an entire different world than back home, the netherlands. for example, our apartment  complex looks like a hotel to her (from the outside, i assume... :D).
on thursday she and tim were at the museum (that one has free entrance on thursday evenings; the mfa on wednesdays...), and then took the ferry to charlestown, it was just before sunset, so they had a beautiful view on boston. all the while i was working.... :( they were also lucky to witness and photograph the above, while.. i was working.... :( so you will have to do it yet again with a tim picture, because... i was working.. :( ah yes, so is the american dream, no?
just wondering whether tim had a similar face as the guy with the pink camera.. while i was working... :( also wondering whether those colorful cameras belong to those guys?!