Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aiming for....

... the sky! this is close to the supermarket in chelsea. it was last week, and i didnt yet want to go into the most likely overcrowded supermarket. the light outside was soo beautiful and for sure it would be dark when finally done shopping. so we left the parking lot and the first thing i saw where these cherry pickers (in dutch its "hoogwerker", i looked up this word on, and got hydraulic hoist, lifting ramp and cherry picker. i then searched for google images and only cherry picker gave me the above pictured ones. so, i go for cherry picker, although it sounds weird to me). there was a high fence and i had to climb onto a piece of crash barrier, holding myself onto the fence. the wind was going like crazy and it was really cold, but the sky was so beautiful!!
actually, the dutch news recently had a funny story; a thief tried to steal a bike, but the owner caught him. he then asked some nearby workers for help. they put the thief in their cherry picker, and then drove it, with the thief high up in the sky, to the police. the thief later said he found that tour through the city rather humiliating, hahahaha! i find very useful; so often there a words i dont know. or for synonyms... for all the non-dutch; interglot will tell you why, as a dutch, the cherry picker with "lull" on it, to the left, made me laugh (just remove the last letter before you interglot it! or am i too old to laugh about something like that... ?)

Road repair

many roads around boston are pretty bad, and winter is making them even worse. snow, salt, melting freezing, melting and freezing again... it creates small, large and enormous potholes. we bumped into a few already... by far the worst road is the road to my work, of course... 
tim sometimes picks me up in the evening (when once again i missed the shuttle; after 7.15 they go only twice per hour and at some point im just sooo tired and dont want to take the shuttle/wait for orange line/walk the 5 mins home; the laziness!!). in weekends we always go by car , when the shuttle is even more infrequent; this was last saturday when they were repairing the road. some 2 hours later, when we drove by again, they were all gone and that part of the road looked like new again.
in the background, to the right, you see downtown boston and a part of the zakim-blabla-bla-memorial bridge (cant remember the exact name; but i wrote it down in this post), to the left you see  a bit of charlestown's bunker hill monument (that we still have to climb....).