Monday, April 18, 2011

Just weird

we didnt really know what they are implying here... ? are they implying anything in the first place.. ? something real americans understand, but we dont?
we were in the BJs this weekend. thats like the dutch makro, where you can buy stuff in bulk (even bigger bulk than in normal supermarkets.. :) we now have a free trial membership for a few weeks (a membership for a year costs 40 dollars or so), for that you can buy stuff in this store, and you can get gas at a lower price (but the gas king is still cheaper or the same and doesnt require a membership!). but i guess we now came to the conclusion that we do not need a BJs membership. whenever we go there, we buy a lot... for quite some money... and its always crappy stuff (like a million oreo cookies, or reese's peanutbutter cups.... etc). its probably best if we stay with the market basket... we anyways dont need wet ones, and surely not a dozen of them...