Friday, May 18, 2012

Beach ball

today was such a nice day! very sunny, not too warm.... but i was mostly inside.
lets see about tomorrow!, its supposed to be very good! one more week and the pool at our apartment complex will be opened again... somehow all apartment complexes around here open their pools during memorial day weekend, and they ALL say that right now "they are still figuring out the chemicals and stuff.."

Ugly building

i pass by this building very often. its in boston (here), and its extremely ugly, creepy, neglected, fenced, huge and seemingly empty. it is in the same style as the city hall of boston, built in the brutalist style that i showed you earlier. i have tried several times now to capture its ugliness in its entirety, but didnt manage, its just too big! so, just a detail for this time..... it is still in use, although you wouldnt say that, as many of the stairs etc are fenced off.... the department of unemployment assistance is housed there (a reason to try to never become unemployed right there), as well as various other government services. 
it has many creepy corners and stairs and what not, so homeless people often use it (especially in winter) to sleep/sit/do whatever there. and now i just read on wikipedia that, although constructed in the beginning of the 70s, it was never completed...