Saturday, June 15, 2013

By train

so actually me and my sister spend a day in new york (with some rain, beeeehhh!), and then from new york we took the train to montreal, canada. we were told to be at the train station between 7 and 7.15 for a train leaving at 8.15. well that was a waste of time... a lady checked we had the required documentation and so at 7.01 we were told to be back at 8. but at 8.15 we were in a fancy amtrak train with lots and lots of legspace and fancy chairs (those where you even have a "leg piece" that you can move up an down. sort of like a dentist chair). 
and then we were off for a 10 hour train ride. that is quite long!! luckily i really enjoyed the views and every now and then even i fell asleep. we mostly rode along the hudson, and passed through teeny tiny towns with tiny "stations", some with cute yellow stepstools to get in and out of the train. amtrak says on their website its on of the top 10 most scenic train rides in the world (because being one of the best/beautiful/fastest etc in something is always important to americans... ;) ). but i was too lazy to take pictures and the ones i took were not the best... i just was enjoying the view and didnt actually want to do anything.
at the border with canada we stood still for an hour or 2. that was quite boring, especially as we were not allowed to "move" (i.e. getting up). everyone was questioned. and one person was not allowed into canada. the guy was sent back after having just spent some 8 hours in a train....