Wednesday, November 3, 2010

(un)Happy children

this is in the boston common, a while back already. the balloon man is on the phone, while creating balloon art, his son (i presume) is sitting next to him, being bored and doing nothing.
just read on the dutch online news site that from december onwards the classic happy meal is prohibited by law in san francisco (here a link to the english version). or rather, that is the title of the piece. to be precise; it is not allowed anymore to hand out toys with an unhealthy meal. only when the meal fulfills the following requirements, toys can accompany it; no more than 600 calories, and there must be some fruit & vegetables. also the beverage must be healthy.
buuuuuhhhhh!! now isnt that just ridiculous! the fun of mc donald's is that there you can eat something delicious but unhealthy that you normally dont get at home (or so it should be), and on top of that, you get a toy! isnt that the entire idea behind the happy meal? well, at least the happy meal is still allowed, i would suggest mc donalds that they make the happy meal a tiny bit cheaper and that you then buy the toy separately. when asked; all in one bag? you answer yes... :)