Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tax free

last weekend it was "sales tax holiday" or something.. anyways, it meant that that weekend there was no tax... what i find annoying here, is that you for example see a nice "ruffle top" (whatever that may be) for 8 dollars. but then at the counter it is 8,something as there is also tax on top of that (in the netherlands it is already included in the final price..). but not last weekend! also not on computers (then it really makes a difference), or alcohol.. anything (just curious, also not on cigarettes? dont know!) well, we missed it entirely... we didnt buy anything! as we were working on grant proposals and so on.... we only did grocery shopping, and there is no tax on groceries in the first place (hmm, maybe there is on bad food, like chips and so on, but even that we didnt buy...). ah well, we also do not need more stuff, i guess... :)