Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow night

we started the day with some snow and hail... then it turned into sleet (im getting familiar with the snow vocabulaire; sleet is snow that partially melts as it falls) and then just rain.... the snow on the streets started to melt and there were huge puddles in the streets, especially since the roads are so bad here... gladly i was wearing boots, too bad they were not entirely waterproof... the puddles were mean! often it didnt look too deep, or icy, but when stepping on it.. your foot disappeared and came out entirely soaked... :( then the evening fell and it started freezing; a slippery mess as a result! and now we are back to snow....!
tim came to my work so we could have dinner at the most romantic place in charlestown, the tavern on the water... above the view you have from there.... this night it was soo pretty and somehow so light, perhaps because of the snow and the clouds? (must be awesome in summer too, its right at the water and they have a roof terrace). its a 5-10 minute walk from the lab. but when we came there it looked pretty deserted... turned out to be closed!! :( as charlestown is pretty deserted anyways, we had to wait for the next shuttle, half an hour later.... then we finally had dinner somewhere around north station, in a (also pretty empty) sport's bar. but that was yummie too!