Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Manly contest... ?

as mentioned previously, the harvard stadium was built from money that came from the 25th reunion gift by harvard's class of 1879. the above sign is in the harvard stadium.... so... this stadium is dedicated to the joy of manly contest...... ehmmmm?! whats manly contest? is that a contest between males? or not necessarily, but it should be "man-like"? or....?
well... im not very good at the manly contest. tim and me decided to do some more sports... but after work its always late and we are tired and hungry.. during the day is no option. so... the morning was left.. thus far, i have gone to the gym once, friday morning (and saturday/sunday, but weekend does not count), while tim went every morning! i do promise every evening that i will go, but then... eehmmm. no.. rather not..
perhaps tomorrow a little manly contest again?