Friday, October 1, 2010

Perish all

this is at Downtown Crossing, orange line station. usually it is very hot there. this was back in august, suddenly a man came with this big board about jesus. he was also talking, screaming, about jesus. on the other side the board said "jesus saves". he went into the train and continued his loud monologue there. he also distributed some printed text, but most people didnt want to take it. i read it and it was depressing. all will perish, everyone is doomed, we are sinners and only through prayers and devotion to jesus will we reach heaven.. ah well..... when he got out at the next station many people seemed relieved.
im a bit frustrated right now. i think it would be a lot of fun if this man would come into the lab with his board and start shouting here we are all doomed. perish all! im wondering what everyone's reaction will be. but somehow i think after hes gone and i will say to my colleagues "well that was weird", they will answer "what was weird?"