Sunday, May 1, 2011

New lens

this is what me and my new lens saw today at the boston common! isnt that cute?
it was kind of nice weather. very sunny, but quite windy at times as well, so i was glad i took my jacket and scarf...
ah, and i am very frustrated; often blogger seems to reduce the quality of my pics! only when you click on it, the quality is better. i have been googling about it, but so far have not found a solution. does anyone know how to fix that?

Blossoms, finally!

this is what i was waiting for.... and now i finally got a picture! isnt it pretty? tim showed me last night some pictures he took of those trees with his phone, and i could only answer; "so, you were just watching this without taking me there?! i want to see it toooo!!!" especially since before you know it, all flowers are gone again and only green trees are left. we went there today; its just opposite the building where he works....
we also drove through somerville, where we lived the first three months exactly a year ago, as there are a lot of blossom trees as well. just, so pretty!!
ah, and tim got a new lens for the big fancy camera, surely you will see some pics through that lens the coming days...
(click on the pic to see it entirely; i just wanted the flowers as big as possible)