Saturday, September 29, 2012

$12 bridge!

it cost us 12 dollars to cross this bridge. and i guess we paid that amount 2 or 3 times when we were in new york 2 weeks ago. grrr... we usually go by bus, but this time we went by car, and i think all in all we spent well over 50 or even 60 dollars, just on toll! 8 dollars for a bridge here, 12 for another, then 6.50 for a tunnel.... it just didnt stop!! by the time we left new york i had no money in my wallet anymore... :( (and in NY i didnt buy anything!)
at least this was a nice bridge. i think it went from staten island to brooklyn. i dont even remember the name, how bad! i do remember there were several signs warning you that it was absolutely forbidden to photograph/videotape the bridge, and that this would be "stricly enforced"..... so i was a little afraid taking so many pictures... luckily nothing happened, they only took our money...