Monday, March 10, 2014

Narrow bridge

up until the moment we got off this bridge, i wasnt sure we were going to fit. and then the second one came, as you see above. and that one was even more narrow!! 
it felt a bit like that one time we drove through a sequoia tree in califonia. that was something i somehow really wanted to do, even though we had to pay for it (theres my dutch mentality again!). the actual driving through the tree was quite disappointing and it was mostly just scary; the cut was clearly made when cars were a bit smaller. we had to flip the side mirrors and instead of enjoying this glorious moment of driving through a tree (really, what did i think?!!), we were just making sure we werent scratching the car. until i realized i wasnt taking pictures and well... uugghh... the car that came after us tried and tried, but really didnt fit and had to turn around.....
so... for this bridge we didnt have to pay, but it was equally scary, even though i realized that it was made for cars to drive on (right??!! or had we missed some sign, maybe? didnt we?!). and then we were on the other side.... :)