Friday, January 10, 2014

Subway station

this is the subway station not too far from our house. nothing special, as you can see... here people were getting a little agitated, as the train didnt show up, and we were just waiting over 15 minutes without any notification.... amterdam subway system is not much of a subway, actually. its mostly aboveground! compared to boston, theres a lot more graffiti along the tracks of the subway and trains. in boston i liked that all stations were color coded corresponding to the color of the line (so all stations of the orange line had orange signage and so on, and the trains as well). here the lines have numbers and i actually dont know the numbers (but just like in boston, we have only a few lines), and its only since recently that i can actively remember the name of our stop.....
as you can see, it was a little sunny today. jaaayy! and i still didnt take any pictures..... (the above was taken by tim and was more chosen because it was taken today than of its beauty... :) )