Thursday, February 17, 2011

Subway legs

we saw some legs this evening! tiny skirts and high heels... i took 3 pics but they were right in front of me... so i didnt dare to try more.... the skirts were so extremely short and the heels sooo high, the girls had difficulty walking. this is a very common sight here, for girls/women going out. am i glad im not a real american woman! :)
this was at north station, and they had no clue which train to take....
for another leg photo: here :)

US Morcheeba

we just got back from a morcheeba concert!! i like them since quite a long time and have all their cds, probably know the lyrics to quite some songs (thats rare for me), and listened to their cds many, many times in the lab where i did my PhD (not everyone was happy with that....). then friday i discovered they were coming to boston!! just on time, there were still tickets... :)
so we went and i liked it a lot! i went once before to see them; with my friend in budapest (an excellent reason to visit her!!). then they had another lead singer, which was good, but currently their true and only lead singer is back again; skye. her voice is amazing!! cool... i heard all those songs so often, but never life... and even though some songs are 15 years old... never boring! (but perhaps a little to tim....)
i took some pics; it was quite difficult, by far not enough light and i wasnt very close to the stage. im not sure this was the best one, but its sooo late now and im tired!! her dress was amazing, it was pink/red and the cape was constantly flowing around her. she said she made it herself....
for some really coooool photos: here (wish i had been so close to the stage!)