Monday, July 5, 2010

American girls

they actually posed for me!!! :)
real american girls... on the 4th of july!

Independence day

so yesterday the US of A celebrated the 4th of July. people gathered at the charles river for the fireworks, probably already hours in advance, sitting side by side on blankets (like resevering a spot for the "rommelmarkt" in Amsterdam for queensday). sooo many people, many with small children. they must have been so bored! the fireworks only started at 11, were over pretty quick, and in my opinion not very spectacular. this apartmentbuilding is at the river more or less, so these people had a good view without having to stand amidst the enormous crowd. i guess some people didnt understand why my camera was pointed that way, while the fireworks were behind me! :)
at some point they closed the bridges and you could net get on or off the small island anymore. one daring couple decided to strip to their underwear and cross the water to get onto the island. police was there immediately and ordered them to go back, which they didnt. they then got handcuffed (can you believe it!!!) and they were forced to sit on their knees whilst handcuffed and in underwear. it was horrible to see and totally unnecessary. wondered what happened to them... i guess they should never send the policemen on an internship to the netherlands during queensday, they will get crazy. this event confirmed my fear of the US police, not ever do i hope to have to deal with them....