Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dining room

whats more american than a dining room....! we saw one while driving to nahant, 2 weeks ago or so, and decided to actually enter this restaurant, christies, which seemed to be from another era.... it actually says at the entrance; since the turn of the century! i assume thats the 1900s rather than 2000..... inside it was indeed as if time had stood still, including the people working there, as well as the ketchup bottles and the menu above the bar. exactly like in the movies...! in fact, the owner told us that several commercials had been filmed there already.
on the other side of the road is the ocean, so i imagine in summer it could be crowded here. or perhaps it was so in the 50s... :) now it was pretty deserted; many tables and there was only us 2 and a young family... it was amazing and i wanted to picture it all, but i felt like such a tourist...