Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday slogan

last week i did a sunday slogan, and since i collected a few over the past few weeks, heres another one! taken during the same trip last saturday. they dont cease to amaze me.... in fat, whenever we drive past a church, im hoping to add another one to my collection, and im disappointed when they dont have a sign out front. sometimes theres still hope, i can see the sign from afar, but coming closer i see it only gives the hours for sunday prayer or reads "all are welcome" (how boring!).
the one above is a very bad one, i think. how on earth can they write that?! how does it make people who are maybe not so into god (or not at all) turn to him? 
because i have so many questions regarding these signs, i google around a bit this week, but couldnt find much on wikipedia (bbuuhhh). i did find this site where they posted the most hilarious church signs (and many more weird ones in the comments). some of them i have seen myself around here, in the exact wording, so i do think churches share them. still dont know how this exactly goes though... perhaps priests make a lot of road trips and just note down the ones they like, and then use them for their own signs. hmm, but they could also just use the internet. a weekly email with the best slogans? a website from which they can pick? (would it be for free or is there this full time slogan write?) maybe...

Real snow!!

yayyy! finally the first real snow of this season..... when going to bed last night it was not yet snowing, which was very disappointing to me. naturally, i woke up several times during the night and had to check the snow... and jeejjj, at some point it was snowing. it wasnt such a spectacular snowstorm as we had last year (we even had several), with strong winds and big flakes... these were tiny flakes... but they were coming down steadily for hours, so we woke up to a nice layer (again, not the knee-deep we had during our first US-snow last year).
we walked a bit around boston this afternoon, above the boston common with the skating rink at the frog pond, such a different view than in the midst of summer (taken form the other side)! unfortunately, some snow drops on my lens... we walked around a bit, and i took some pics from higher up, where young and old were sleighing down. suddenly, a man standing next to us bellowed; "you are not taking pics of my kids, now are you?!" me, surprised and not yet knowing what to say, could only think of this event. then he said: "because if you do, i have to sign a release form". i just mumbled something like "eehmm.. i was just taking a pic of the entire view from here.. ok" but then he said: "i was just joking!! its one of those things i like to say, there are so many photography students around here". pfew...
most of my pics were disappointing.. but i guess over the coming days i will show you more of them anyways.. :) im not sure how long the snow will last, forecast says higher temperatures in a day or so.