Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cattle guard?!

when we biked into the amsterdamse bos, we passed a cattle guard. while tim was saying that surely that was of no use, "a cattle guard?!! really? here?! what for?", we saw why.... we saw 2 of these scottish highlander cows, right along the biking path. look at the horns!! they are roaming around freely in a part of the forest, and you can just bike, hike or run along them. dogs are allowed too, but should be on a leash.
tim took this picture as i was too slow getting my camera out. i do not want to bike with my bag around me, or in the basket in front of my bike as the chances of being robbed are just too real, unfortunately (just this weekend it happened to a 19 year old girl biking at night in our neighborhood when 2 guys on a scooter drove up to her, pulled her bag off her and sped away).