Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dig safe

the other day i was at the cemetery behind our apartment complex. i thought it was hilarious that they had written "dig safe" at a number of locations.... :)
"dig safe" is actually a system that you are required to follow, before you dig, to ensure the digging  occurs safely. before you dig somewhere, you need to get determined what underground facilities are present at that place, as it can be dangerous to just plunge some hole somewhere, not knowing what is down there; what if there is an electric or gas line present! it seems like they are digging, or about to dig, all over boston, as i saw it written on many streets. i was not aware of the fact that there is a color coding system involved; telling you exactly what facility lies below. red for example is electric, and yellow is gas, oil or steam. white means "proposed excavation", so i guess then they have yet to find out whats down there.. ? in case of the cemetery that seems pretty obvious to me... ;) (here you can see what the other colors mean)