Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Harvard stadium

sunday evening we went to the harvard stadium.  i had never seen it before, although it is soooo big! its along the charles river, close to harvard business school. we climbed all the stairs up to the top, from where i took this picture! at the entrance of the stadium was a sign saying "stadium only open to harvard faculty, staff and students. al others are strictly prohibited. trespassers will be prosecuted", will be prosecuted?! ouch... , but as harvard employees, we were allowed to go there. except for an old man running up and down the stadium, there was nobody, but i still was afraid that any moment someone would come to ask what we were doing there... and make us prove that we work at harvard (of course i did not bring my harvard id)
it was really cool to see! but going down all those stairs on too high heels made me a little dizzy and took quite some time.. haha! on the grass it says "harvard crimson", which are the athletic teams of harvard. the stadium opened in 1903, and was built in just four and a half months. the structure cost $310,000. most of that money came from the 25th reunion gift by harvard's class of 1879. its so huge, currently 30,323 people fit into the stadium, although according to wikipedia the maximum number of seats is 57,166 (perhaps before obesitas became a problem..?)