Thursday, May 20, 2010

Harvard ID

this tree i posted before, but then it was full with blossom. i passed it to try to get my Harvard ID once more. the previous time i could not, because i was not yet in the system. that took more than a month (why?). in that month i officially could not access fulltext papers in Pubmed (had to use Tims ID), and could not leave or enter my lab after 7 in the evening, or in weekends. and.. security was annoyed sometimes i dont have one, and for registering trainings, i also need it. yesterday again it was not possible, since i was in the Harvard system as "Cathleneyne". i either could get a card with that name on it, or first get my name spelled correctly at yet another building... arrrghhhh..., since the lady making the badges was not allowed to make changes to my name herself... aarrghhhh!!!!
maybe when the tree has lost its leaves... i will finally have this stupid Harvard-ID......

1 comment:

Fra said...

maybe with the tree covered with snow... :)