Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green line

this is the tram, the Green Line, i have to take to get to the lab (to get there, we first have to take the bus, and thats the problem; it doesnt run very frequently). it is very old, and very very noisy. and... very slow. the reason it is so slow is because it is mostly not underground, and it is the very first tram in the world, or so they claim....it takes almost 30 minutes to get to the Longwood-stop, sometimes longer, depending on the traffic. good thing is, i get on at the very beginning, so i can always sit. then later it gets very crowded, and when i get to Longwood, it is almost empty again. also very frustrating is that often trams come by, but do not stop, or that just a few stops before the last, it suddenly is taken out of service, and i have to transfer to another tram. nice thing: i have read already several books since we are here.....

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