Monday, January 24, 2011

Tobin bridge (2)

yesterday we drove around boston a bit. we wanted to go to some forest/park/whatever to walk, but it  was so cold and tim didnt wear suitable snow shoes and we were lazy and and and... (we ended up going to 2 malls and bought heavily discounted clothes; it was so cheap, we couldnt let that pass! :))
but we went on the tobin bridge upper level!! this is from chelsea into boston, whereas its lower level gets you out of boston. we had done the lower level before, but not the upper level. it was beautiful! yes, it costs you 3 dollars to drive on the bridge (1 dollar per km? since the bridge is 3 kms long), but for that you have a beautiful view on boston, and, i decided now; this bridge is pretty! here you see the toll booth, on the middle of the bridge, and behind that you see the hancock tower on the left, and prudential center on the right. now im still wondering whether its also 3 dollars when driving in the other direction; i think not, but im not sure... in new york its like that; leaving new york is free, but driving into new york through either the washington bridge or the holland tunnel costs you 8 (!!) dollars... (we know that because when coming, we went to new jersey on the washington bridge; that was free. we slept close to the holland tunnel, and saw that it would cost 8 dollars! we then drove especially to the washington bridge (oh, dutch)... but, eehh, going into new york is always 8 dollars! (also the holland tunnel is free the other direction))