Monday, December 13, 2010

Tobin bridge

above you see in the back a part of the tobin bridge. i still do not know whether i find this bridge pretty or ugly, but surely i find it fascinating. it leads you from chelsea (where the photo was taken) to charlestown. this is only a small part of the bridge, it is 3 km long! and has 2 levels. we drove a few times on the lower level, and i find it a little scary, it all seems so narrow and low. on top of that, there is always a digital traffic sign saying "please drive safely", indicating to me that on this bridge you really have to be careful, thereby making me feel even less safe.. it crosses the mystic river, and therefore this bridge is sometimes called the mystic river bridge (but i never heard that). it was built between 1948 and 1950. so that explains why it looks sooo old! it is old! i have tried now already from many angles and at several locations to take a nice picture.. but never managed. luckily there is the internet; here is a beautiful picture of it! ah, and the internet also tells me that Tobin was a former mayor of boston and Mass governor. a less nice detail; someone once jumped from that bridge to commit suicide. and somewhere else i see someone calling it the "green river killer"... ah, maybe! depends at what picture you look!


biebkriebels said...

It is a special bridge, looks like a kind of fair going up and down, up and under. Must be great to drive over it.

CaT said...

yes, its scary and cool at the same time, driving on it. but.. as you have to pay toll we avid this bridge!! :) (the toll booth is right at the bridge. no way you can avoid it once you are on it, funny; the other bridge zakim memorial whatever also leads to boston and is without toll)

Tim said...

when you are on the bridge, you can not see it's magnificence..