Monday, April 8, 2013

Kalaloch beach

since i havent taken any pictures since we got back from our trip, and i took plenty during... here another one! this is still on the olympic loop in washington. that drive was just so magical. one momet the skies would be dark and cloudy, and the next the sun would shine and at some moments the sky would even turn blue! somewhere along the route we wanted to take a hike to a waterfall, but just as we got out and ready on the trail it started to snow/rain quite heavily and so we turned back to the car and had lunch instead, while overlooking the lake (glacier lake, i think). then there were the mossy trees everywhere, and not too many other people.... here we were suddenly treated to an amazing coast! when we got out of the car it was raining and the sky was so dark!! my lens kept getting wet, so many pictures have raindrops on them... :( but out of nowhere that sky turned blue, its really funny to see my first picture from the above scene where its all grey, until we were ready to get back to the car again, and it had gotten all blue!!
the above rocks were huge, very impressive to see.... i couldnt decide which photo to post. my other option was one with raindrops :(, but tim next to that rock in the middle... hes really tiny there... tim, i mean.. :) 

Coffee drive-through

on our trip we were very charmed by all the tiny drive-through coffee places... there were lots in washington and oregon, and california had some as well. never seen them in or around boston... (and as mentioned before, tim now wants to start one in the netherlands... :D ) perfect when you are on a road trip! no need to get out of the car, just a quick drive around and you have your coffee! we had some good ones... :)
we didnt go here, but of course this one was not to be missed. this is probably one of the coolest we saw. its in sequim, and was photographed before by sequim-resident kay, as you can see here! while we drove by, it was a little more cloudy, and i can see that the sausage, egg and cheese muffin has increased 30 cents in price since 2011... :)