Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ocean shores

in ocean shores, washington, we enjoyed a pretty sunset. it was, however, quite windy and i was so very very cold!! but it was still nice... we were the only ones actually walking on the beach. the few others enjoying the sunset just had driven their cars right up. there was not really a road, just mostly sand and lots of holes, so our tiny rental car would probably not have made it... i found half a sand dollar, which i kept in the car for our entire trip (this was the second day). when we turned in the car, i took it but was afraid to break it or something, intended to look for something to wrap it in, and then forgot it entirely... :( buuuuhhh.
ocean shores looked extremely touristy, but we were clearly there in the non-tourist season, which was more than fine with me. it was quiet, we got a cheap hotel with a 24hr accessible pool that we got all to ourselves...