Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gorgeous flowers

tim was in the netherlands last month, and somewhere in south amsterdam he saw this field of flowers. isnt it beautiful? 

Boston drain

i know, i know, i did this before. but i have new shoes... :)))  and it rained today. it was a little chilly, after days, no weeks, of very hot weather. theres also boston water and the boston sewer. if you were ever to be dropped randomly into boston, blindfolded or whatever, having no clue where you are, you will figure it out soon enough, just by looking down. everything is labeled "boston". but why? what else can we expect than a boston drain when we are in boston... right? i find it very funny...  (in new york, ofcourse, you have the new york sewer, and water, and drain. but i havent looked for this in other cities yet, although i guess its the same). ah, and lets not forget the BPD (yes, the boston police department).
the nice thing of rain is that the swimming pool at our apartment complex remains empty. perfect for a swim! but this morning the water was not clear blue... it was murky green. the worst we have ever seen since we live here.... :( not good for laps....(i hope the boston drain/sewer had nothing to do with that!!)