Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hmmm, coffee?

i like coffee, but not too much of it. i drink mostly tea, and then some coffee. preferably strong, and definitely no milk or sugar. ah, and absolutely no sugared, milky iced coffee. beeeeghhh! but i feel thats what most people around here drink. i mean, they drink it partially, and then they "forget" the cup somewhere.
i think starbucks coffee is expensive, and nothing special (i only like this starbucks, next to the boston city hall, because there is real steam coming out of the kettle! i have never atually been inside..). i do like their lemon pound cake, but i guess its quite full of calories... :) the different "coffees" you can get are endless. one shot espresso, or two. with caramel, without. whole milk, skim milk, 2% milk, soy milk, whipped cream. then there are the flavored coffees; hazelnut (beeehh!!), dark roast, light roast, caffein, no caffein.... etc etc. so many possibilities! i read somewhere that there are some 35000 drinks you can order at starbucks, in theory; ordering coffee is scary just for that reason. what if you dont know what you want? can you really just get a coffee? will they know what you mean if you order that, a coffee...? 
but the most important thing; i dont like drinking from a paper cup. or the plastic thingie they put on top. it tastes so much better when you take some time, sit down and drink from a real coffee cup!
(last time we were in amsterdam i was amazed by the number of starbucks that were suddenly around; dont we already have nice "cafes" where you can get decent coffee...?)