Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weapons firing

I found the notice very disturbing, but the people sitting there obviously did not mind. This was in Charlestown, in front of the Bunker Hill monument. Right now im too lazy and tired to elaborate on that, but here you can read it all! anyways, i wanted to climb that tower, but it was closed for reconstruction and not opening until somewhere in the fall..
although that was closed, there was a demonstration of some weapon they then used. a guy dressed up in "very old clothes" (i presume from that time, around 1775) came with some weapon and started a neverending story. it was so boring we didnt wait for him to finally fire the damn thing. no clue whether he did, we didnt hear it, while walking back to Boston. "dont fire until you see the white of their eyes!" the only sentence i remember from the endless rambling...