Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dutch cheese

something i have been enjoying a lot since we are back in the netherlands; dutch cheese. so goooooodddd!!! we really didnt eat a lot of good cheese in the usa, i have to say..... above you see the big yellow cheeses... in some fancy shop in amsterdam for tourists.... (i dont think this shop was there 3 years ago, but i could be wrong. taken back in december as you can see by the decorations).
other things i enjoy; "drop" (liquorice) and cookies! we eat way too many cookies... i very well remember the first time i bought some cookies in the usa (nearly 10 years ago now, how weird is that!). when trying them, i thought there was something wrong with them. probably i had bought a pack that wasnt sealed properly. so the next time in the supermarket i got cookies again. and then i realized that that was probably how they were supposed to be; soft and chewy! it was the weirdest thing to me, and i never really got to like american cookies. dutch cookies are hard and crunchy! 
ah, we enjoy croissants too, and lots of other dough-stuff. like cheese in puff pastry.... hmmmm, and properly fried fries... its a miracle i actually lost some weight since being back..... :D