Thursday, June 21, 2012

Water fun

this picture was taken at the frog pond, during a hot summer day.... (just like this one, perhaps it was the same day? i dont remember!). just like yesterday, it was (and is, its 11 pm now and still above 30C) very hot, perhaps even hotter.... luckily we have the pool to cool down a little bit. unfortunately, it closes at 8 in the evening, and this is strictly enforced. at 8! who wants to stop swimming at 8 on a hot day/night like this?! but no, there is no discussion. pool closes at 8. (while it gets dark here around 9, so i would think they at least could keep it open till 9!). 
thats something else i miss from the netherlands, there it gets darker so much later in summer.... buuuhhhh!
and guess what, we are having the AC on right now, and i am cold!! i am about to switch it off (dont like it during sleeping), will probably be another difficult night of sleeping again....

Heat advisory

today it was HOT. really hot. it was hot already this morning and it just got hotter and hotter. i guess it was around 36 C (little less than 100F?) and a little humid. but well, i was inside and didnt notice much. until i stepped outside into a hot blanket.... ah well, we went to the pool for a bit (and when not swimming it even became a little chilly!), and then out to dinner, as the mayor of boston sent out a heat advisory that we ofcourse obeyed exactly. one of the points is; "avoid cooking".
a quote: "Mayor Thomas M. Menino has issued a heat advisory reminding residents to stay safe and healthy during this first stretch of hot summer weather.  Mayor Menino and the Boston Public Health Commission are urging residents to stay hydrated and in shaded or air conditioned areas whenever possible. Residents can cool off at several Boston Parks Department water spray features throughout the city and in air conditioned community centers." (note that mister mayor menino personally warns us here!) and: "everyone should remember to limit their activities during very hot weather, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol.  When outdoors, limit strenuous activity, wear sunscreen and loose, light-colored clothing, and rest often in cool, shady areas. Additional measures to beat the heat include avoiding cooking, taking cool showers or baths, and staying in air conditioned areas whenever possible." (stolen from the boston city website). unfortunately, it doesnt tell us where to get our food when avoiding to cook (or did he mean it literally?!). luckily we do not yet have a ban on large sodas as proposed in new york, but i presume that next to our assisted living, heat advisories and soda bans, we soon also will be told (and checked) when we have to go to bed.... but surely i will be having trouble sleeping, even more so now that its hot and will stay hot for at least tomorrow... 
above pic was taken at the hoover dam, which we visited while in las vegas.