Monday, May 21, 2012

Officer cupcake

whenever something, whatever work has to be done on a public street (or on the road) that disturbs (or could potentially disturb) traffic (cars, bikes, pedestrians), a policeman is placed there to oversee it all. always. no exception. and often its completely useless! they just watch the workers do their job. or stare at their shoes. or their phone. or pretend to regulate the traffic. or they are just chatting with the workers. almost never it seems useful that they are standing there. even, they take up space and make it even harder to pass the work area! (or sometimes its really no problem that some work is being done, if it hadnt been for the police car thats taking up a lot of space on the road). 
i thought this useless use of officers happened everywhere in the us, but i recently learned that thats not the case! pfew! it differs per state....
(and im amazed i could spend so many words on that. i actually wanted to post about something else, but i couldnt find the words and thus settled for this older picture)