Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fruit bowl

once a week, we goto the supermarket to get groceries (i still miss the dutch model where i could just walk to the supermarket and buy for just a day or 2). so usually, when we forget something, it means we wont have that for that week. this saturday we forgot to buy fruit. we always buy apples (we didnt forget those!), but then i also want some other fruit. which one depends ofcourse on whats for sale... and we then put that in the fruit bowl... ah well, we still had some canned fruit, so i put that in the bowl instead, doesnt it look nice? :) it represents (american) laziness, i think. a small cup, just enough if you feel like eating something, and well, its fruit, so it must be healthy! nevermind all the plastic....
speaking of artificial..., i just saw an article about a man who is not happy about his wedding pictures, back in 2003. the last 15 minutes of the wedding were not documented, and years later, he decided to sue the company. he does not just want his 4000 dollars back, he wants some 48,000 dollars to re-enact the entire wedding!! re-enacting?! yes, he wants to recreate the entire wedding. he wants all the guests to be flown in, etc etc, to get all his perfect wedding pictures. but the weirdest part of this story; this man is not married anymore! he and his wife separated in 2008, and his now ex-wife is back in her home country, latvia... eehhhmm... ? yes, everything is possible in the us of a.... (here is the article; the comments are funny too)