Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Graffiti busters

saw this truck at government center in boston, a few weeks back. just looked it up; you can call the "mayor's hotline" (!!) if you see some graffiti, and they will come and remove it. since they started, they have removed graffiti from more than 1000 locations (but i cant find when they started). indeed, there is not that much graffiti in boston, especially when compared to other cities we recently visited.
the mayor of boston is thomas m.menino, and he likes to put his name on everything, as you see, his name is on this truck. his name is also on 600 (!!) bikes that were recently placed throughout the city, for the bike sharing program allowing you to rent a bike at one place in the city and return it somewhere else if you like (my question; did he personally label them all?) his name is even on all the trash cans around boston! on one side they say "big belly" (i guess because of the way they are shaped.. i should find the pic i once took of that), and on the other side... "mayor thomas m. menino" (and he does have a big belly!). these are just a few of the public things that carry his name... i saw many more.... why?! i think its weird... yes, hes the mayor. but... not the dictator! (putting your name on everything public somehow is more suiting for a dictator, i would think..) besides... for how long is he the mayor? if the next mayor comes on, will his/her name have to be exchanged for the current one? what a waste of time is that?!

Body redecoration

yes... we made a u-turn for this sign..... i had to picture it! so far, i have not felt the urge to redecorate... for me, its like this; i dont like to wear the same clothes everyday, so why on earth would i want to have  1 image permanently on my body, without having the chance to easily remove or change it? 
today, tim had some redecoration; he had 3 of his wisdom teeth removed. i had that done 2 years ago, (2 at the time, in 2 visits 6 weeks apart or so), and i found it awful. necessary redecoration (or so the dentist said), but really awful. seeing him like that makes me feel how i felt then again. and compared to what other people have to undergo, that was just a minor medical redecoration. beeeghhh. i now have a throat infection :( and the doctor suggested, but did not recommend, to have my tonsils removed. well, i would rather not! so...., certainly i wont do any voluntary redecorations... close to our house is a tattoo shop, and they, so they advertise, also do "branding and scarring", unfortunately that always makes me wonder about the how and why.....