Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everything different

i changed labs. everything new, everything different, everything scary and everything exciting. the first few days/weeks in a new lab are always extremely tiring (at least to me). new faces, new customs, new techniques, new subject, new rules, finding out where everything is located. trying to do the first small experiments, trying to remember everything in the first go, feeling stupid when having to ask again where something is stored.... then there is also the paperwork part... my employee number stayed the same as i remain at the same university, but since its at another hospital, everything else has to be done again, checked again, filled out again. but mostly im excited and cant wait to be well into a project of myself, and where i am set up to work there as if i never did anything else before...!
above a picture of Don; he delivers all the labstuff at my old building. always friendly, always in a good mood, and when there were packages for "my" lab, he always let me sign for them.. :) his cart always piled up with boxes far too high; me often asking whether they wont fall off. but hey, sure not, as he said himself; "im good at what i do :D !!"