Thursday, September 1, 2011

Times square

this was in may, when we went to new york with my sister. it was crazy crowded at times square, and amidst it all was this man. then i thought; ooh, he is so old, and on times square! but then i thought; ooh, why is it weird he is there, and not that i am? i, for one, do not really like times square. too crowded, too loud, too many tourists, too much of everything. and what is old? i remember when the year 2000 was extremely far away, and i was calculating how extremely OLD i would be when we would finally get to the year 2000. and now its already 2011, and i do not feel particularly old.... :)
theme day at the dailyphotoblog was perspective this month, i hope i finally manage to participate this time! :)
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