Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not original

yesterday we had dinner in cambridge! me, tim, adam (the new tech from the lab behind me) and his roommate. it is restaurantweek in boston, so they have fixed-price menus, allowing you togoto a more expensive/fancy restaurant than usual. we went to evoo. 3 course meal for 33 dollars. it was nice. it was fancy. it was a lot. nice company. but the food wasnt that great... i had mozzarella/tomato/basil as starter (normally 13 dollars or so), as main dish chickenbreast floating in some watery-whatever and a little tiny bit of vegetables (normally 35 dollars or so!!) and a nice dessert panna cotta but not being real panna cotta but nice anyways (forgot the price). i was stuffed! and it was late! and the restaurant had its airco blowing on full, i was cold!! when going outside it was like a hot blanket, after 11 in the evening...
but this all has nothing to do with this pic, i realize! well, this pic i took a few weeks ago, its close to downtown crossing. its funny as the sale sign says: buy 1 get 2nd half off... as if you want your wig cut!! and i found this shopwindow a little eerie and sad, as well as oldfashioned. so yesterday i picked up this free magazine with almost exactly the same picture in it!! as well as another one i am still planning to post here.... :( what does it mean? i am not original? everyone is taking these pics..? or it could have been my pics in that magazine... ? anyways, i wasnt pleased... :)