Monday, April 9, 2012

Photographing food

as you might know, i currently am kind of obsessed with cooking. once i found out most dishes are really not that hard to make... im constantly looking for new recipes.. of course, im initially drawn to recipes when i see pictures of the end product. amazing pictures of not so amazing food already have fooled me, though luckily not too often. mostly, i am amazed that people can take such great pictures of their dishes! how do they do it?! and often from every step of the process. howcome their kitchens are so well organized and uncluttered? the surfaces all so clean? (i like clean, but when cooking its often quite a mess!), and do they have special lights? whenever i try the light is never ok! i also find it takes a lot of patience to take all these pics. i rather just eat than having to take numerous pictures... or.... i think of taking a picture when im done, or half done. but even then, others manage to take beautiful pictures. how can they take a bite off a cupcake and still make it look perfect?! and whats with all the fancy (and matching!! although i have to say i actually dont like matching) tableware, and stylishly set tables... (also without any magazines, books and other stuff i still need to read or file away properly..)?
anyways... this weekend we did not do too much. so i had time to try some recipes. above a lemon tart, with a delicious, and very, very easy, crust. i could just bring up enough restraint to take this picture, before throwing on some whipped cream. yes yes, not healthy! but we went to the gym before this..! 
also, i made bread today. with my hands. easy for some, perhaps, but a big deal for me. i dont like the sticky dough and how it makes everything dirty. how do you knead something that remains stuck everywhere? somehow i managed (with a little help from tim every now and then. releasing me from the dough, hahahaha). and it tasted not too bad either! here some pics, but i dont think photographing food will ever become my hobby...