Sunday, April 17, 2011

Charlestown photoshoot

tim picked me up from work in charlestown. it was suddenly rather sunny out and not too cold, so i wanted to test 2 filters i bought yesterday. slowly i am finding out that taking pictures is no magic, you just need some stuff.... ;) but especially you need objects. there were some desolate buildings, some graffiti. pretty standard. pictured it all, and then we drove off to go home. turns out right on the other side of the building there was a photoshoot going on! while driving by i took some photos, which were all crap... :( only this one is kind of ok. but it is missing the girl watching with a little dog. and its missing the red ballerina-shoes that were on the ground, most likely the ones the girl being pictured was wearing before she got into those impossible high heels...
taking pictures takes time, patience, a steady hand and.. you need to think before you shoot! too bad i usually realize that when at home, going through my pics, and they all turned out.. not exactly as i wanted.... perhaps if i were a magician i could construct the entire scene as i wanted from the 5 crappy pics i took... hmmm, maybe better next time!