Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ooh, french..

i do not speak french. i never did and i never will. and now im in montreal and its mostly in french and i have no clue what they are saying. luckily most people speak as well english as they do french. but this artwork in the village is in french. i liked it a lot! but since i couldnt read it anyways, on this pic you cant read it either. each red stick has a letter, and standing right in front of it, you can read what it says, as you can see here. luckily, there was a translation, this is what it says:"a time will come where you can express yourself freely". and then there is a "manifeste" in which it is explained, but... only in french. to see the tex you had to peek through this square, i somehow see that as a message too.. 
so.... when will this time come, when you can express yourself freely? i dont know.... :) so either someone else can tell why im in montreal, or you have to wait another day... :P