Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hull village

so... this is the hull village cemetery, from which i showed you one grave last week. right in front of you is the "mixed-faith jewish" section, which is there since 2008. its for "interfaith" couples who wish to be buried together (as opposed to the consecrated jewish section, where only those with the jewish faith can be buried). to the right (not on the pic) are the oldest graves, from before 1900, also facing the ocean. down to the left are the newer graves. the remainder is somewhere in between old and not so new.. i liked that the graves here are not really placed in a strict pattern, but more scattered, with quite some space between them. you are allowed to drive on the rather narrow paths, but i keep finding that weird and interfering (especially on this cemetery that is not that huge), so we parked somewhere else. if you drive down here, you get to nantasket beach, which is very nice, especially in summer. but if you were to turn around, you will find a little path through the bushes and some steep concrete wall. the first time we were here, i was very curious what was there, and without telling tim, i just went up and discovered an entire abandoned fort! i felt kind of like an explorer, haha, except that i was not the first going there and my journey was not very long or with many hardships... the fort is in a really bad shape, and almost entirely covered in graffiti (more about that fort some other time).
here you can see some more pictures of the cemetery that i posted on flickr. there were interesting stones, beautiful personal messages and funny names or combinations that i could not ignore.. :)
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