Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Actual snow...!!

this morning we woke up to some sound. some machine going around outside. as we live in an apartment complex where every little piece of grass is manicured meticulously, we very often wake up to one machine or another (i especially dislike it when they blow the leaves away from 6am in the morning). then tim suddenly said; hey, isnt that the machine for snow removal? as i didnt expect snow, i didnt even bother to get up and look out of the window. until i woke up again and was curious about that machine; the trees are leafless since a while! and wow, there was all this snow!! and it was still snowing! a real layer of snow, with the trees all pretty and such. what a nice surprise!
so, along with my laptop i dragged my camera to work, to take some pictures along the way. this is right out of north station; canal street, which is lined with some pubs and lunchplaces that generally give me a sad feeling. except for the trees in summer... or like this!! from home to the subway we could still walk on a nice layer of snow, but right in boston that had melted away at most places already. and before lunch the trees had lost most of their snow... :( its much too warm! but... i had my nice surprise this morning and it was all white and pretty and since its melting away right now we dont have to deal with the dirty part of snow, when its walked on, and salted and melted a little and frozen again......
so yaayyy!!