Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crowded central

after the spectacular fireworks on independence day, we all had to go back home at once, ofcourse. there were sooo many people! normally the T stops around midnight, but this night its service was extended, and free. we were offered a ride back home by Berk, with whom we had dinner and watched the fireworks with. ofcourse i rather preferred to take the T back home... :) we walked to central square T stop. our side of the platform was rather empty, and on the other side a train was just loading people. i could see it was overcrowded. so when the train left, i expected an empty platform there as well. instead, it was still soooooo full! i had to take a picture of that. while we proceeded further downtown, our train also got more and more crowded. at some point there was a drunk guy close to us, spilling his drink everywhere. yegh... luckily only on the floor. it was quite difficult to get out of the train at our stop, and then we still had to take the orange line. it was all going soooooo slowly. but well.. it was interesting to see all these tired people, so many exhausted children also... quite cute, but i didnt dare to take more pics.
anyways, i guess next year we will skip the fireworks. i heard its quite comfortable to watch it on TV... ;) (we however dont have a TV)