Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our pet

a perfect home ofcourse also needs a pet. there used to live 5 dogs in this house (2 in this apartment, which are sleeping every night on the outer sides of their owner's queen bed; yes, with the owners in the middle, but thats just an unbelievable detail), and all are/were happily shitting in the small garden around the house (yegh! every so often the upstairs girl is running down, throwing her dog in the garden until hes done so she can run up again).
ofcourse, no dog for us. instead we have a venus flytrap! yes, a carnivorous plant! its really cool, it closes its traps within 0.1 seconds. i made successive pics, where you can see the closure. its fun to play with, although im not sure the plant thinks its fun.. just put a piece of plastic between the trap, and whop! it closes! since it is inside, we have to feed it insects (luckily tim likes to do this), but we shouldnt give it hamburger; then it might suffer from indigestion....
if we take good care of it, it can get bigger and get much more traps, but they will not become huge... pfew.... :) as they are eating flies, their size is designed to catch flies and thus will not suddenly become huge and eat my finger.... but... you never know.... right?