Friday, September 24, 2010

Lazy today

im lazy. so just a pretty picture (or so i think). this was last sunday, at revere beach.
guess what, its really warm right now, a little too warm, even, because of the humidity. and the pool really really is closed... some stories about that it is too cold during the night resulting in too cold water during the day (well, can i decide for myself?! sometimes it feels like we rent an apartment in an elderly home...), and then something about a wrong composition of chemicals in the water right now.. well, then just take out all water; now its sooo tempting!!
we were sooo excited, today the first episode of the big bang theory would be on CBS. so off to the movie room to watch it (no tv or internet at home)... turned out it was already yesterday.. :( buuuuuh! i want to see sheldon...