Friday, August 10, 2012

How american!

today i was in search of a "quick picture". just a nice one, that didnt require too much writing, or thinking, or browsing wikipedia. but i couldnt find one. not quick enough, anyways. i browsed some more. beehh. all boring. then i got the marvelous idea to look what pictures i took on this day last year! i was in san diego, with my friend sylvia, while tim was in the netherlands. but hmm... i didnt take that many pictures august 9th 2011. then i decided to go back even further. 2004, my first digital camera (actually my parents'), and my first time in the usa, exploring manhattan every weekend for 3 months. but no pictures on august 9! hmmppff... 
so.... now its well past midnight and i have been browsing photos from august 2007, 2008, 2009.... that was fun! (and a little weird, sometimes). the above photo is from 2009. august 6 (no pics on august 9). a delicious meal from mc donalds, in tims car, enjoying the sunset over a meadow, in the netherlands.... :) how very american!!
i would love to browse some more photos (i should do that more often!), but now its time for bed.... good night!